Personal training

Meet the team


The personal trainers at the Hidden Gym are the best personal trainers in SE1. They have been hand picked and sent through a rigorous selection phase by our head trainer and only the best make the grade. They can deliver the results you want (or at least get as close as possible.)

The Hidden Gym’s personal trainers, just off Tooley Street, can offer you a sense of wellbeing that you’ve never experienced before. Get on board and be better than the person sitting next to you in the office!

Personal Trainer

Favourite food: Sushi Favourite music: As long as its heavy Favourite person you would invite for dinner: Larry David Favourite activity: Carving up the slopes Favourite position: no8 (Rugby) Favourite movie: Jaws Favourite exercise: Anything heavy

Personal Trainer

Favourite food : Any form of protein Favourite music : Rhythm and Blues Favourite person : Stewie from Family Guy Favourite activity : Capoeria Favourite position : Full Nelson Favourite movie : Toy Story Favourite exercise : Bench Press

Personal Trainer

Favourite Food : Chicken goujons, beans and broccoli Favourite Music : Anything I can rap to Favourite Person : Me Favourite Activity : Fishing, for fish Favourite Position : All of them Favourite Movie : Pitch perfect Favourite Exercise : How can you have a favourite exercise? Stupid question

Personal Trainer

Favourite food : Peanut butter Favourite music : Rock Favourite person you would invite to dinner : Helena Christensen (90s model) Favourite movie : Bridget Jones Favourite position : 1st position (ballet) Favourite exercise : Hip thrusts Favourite activity : Training and shopping

Get on board and be better than the person sitting next to you in the office.